Friday, August 9, 2013

"God's Word is Truth" District Convention - Day One

Our District Convention is here.
Today we got up, had breakfast, got dressed and gathered our bags...this year not as much as previously...each boy had a small backpack containing their coloring book, crayons, notebook, blanket and in Matthew's diapers and wipes. I had just my purse and the cooler. Let me tell you this was the way to do it. The boys were excited about their bags and having their own backpacks made them responsible for their own items.
This year was a huge improvement over last year where I was up and down most of the time and to the point of having one of the attendants come and tell me he asked his younger sister to come sit with me to help out. This year...not a peep and even had so many of those sitting around us come and tell me that the boys were so well behaved and it was a pleasure to see them being so quiet and attentive. I can only imagine next year being even better, especially as Joshua starts to recognize words and we can do the tally marks in the notebooks for the key words to the Convention/Assemby/specific talks.
Here we are all ready to head out
This is my new favorite little boys all dressed up
Matthew sitting in his seat...just as happy as could be
The boys walking back to the auditorium after putting the cooler in the car

Then after sessions we found out that after this lovely picture I had dropped my car key and Joshua was so worried that we would have to walk home. As always, we walked back in and went to Lost and Found...sure enough there was my key. Joshua was so happy and I was elated, especially unsure of where I dropped it.
My beautiful big boy, Joshua, posing with the stage behind.
Joshua stood in the aisle to watch the drama...which had me crying.
Then the drive home...after an hour to get out of the parking lot and another hour to get home the boys were tired.
I am so proud of how wonderful the day went. Tomorrow is Day Two and I pray it will be just as wonderful as today.

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