Saturday, August 10, 2013

"God's Word is Truth" District Convention - Day Two

Day two of the Convention was just as great as the first. Joshua wanted to sit up in the higher seats so we sat up in the green seat section and it was perfect. He was very specific that he sit in #4 because that is how old he is.
I was able to catch a lot of the talks and can't wait to start applying many of the points in our lives. I look forward to day three.
The boys before we headed out
Joshua has been given the task of wheeling in the lunch...which he takes very seriously
Matthew asked Daddy to sit down by him
We had 33 baptized today
My friend Jazmine...we met over two years ago in the nursing room at the Special Assembly in Rosenberg. Her little boy Noah is 3. I finally nailed down contact info so we could get together.
Joshua, Noah, and Matthew playing
Sitting on the stairs having a drink before sessions
Matthew did not want Mommy to be away from him
Big Smiles
Joshua hugging his new book close
Day two ended with the boys sleeping through nearly the entire second half. We went home with Matthew not feeling good and later that night developed a huge fever. We will have to go to the following weeks Convention to finish ours with Day Three.

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