Monday, August 5, 2013

Preparing for Schoolwork

I really want to keep things organized in our new home. I'm learning little by little what we can live without and what we can't. Everything is still an adjustment having moved from a two thousand square foot home into a twelve hundred square foot home and trying to shove everything in. We don't have a garage or attic to store things so it has to all fit somehow. Needless to say this is one idea that I found on Pinterest from I Heart Organizing, that I really loved. I would love to have my report cards and class pictures to this day, but the only one I have is the first half of Kindergarten. So, I want to organize all the important papers for them to have and do with when they get older. I don't really scrapbook much, even though I would love to, but everythime I pull things out they get messed with because the boys want to know what I'm doing so I get lost with the ideas that I wanted. Anyway, this is perfect and I have it all organized up so that when Joshua starts pre-school in two weeks his box will all be set up and ready for papers. I do keep a couple scrapbooks around to collect their more precious art projects that can't be scanned.

To start I purchased the bins (I had one already), I had the hanging folders and manilla folders on hand, as well as the labels, and I printed up the form to go into the folder to hold their pictures and yearly information.

I took some scrapbook paper that fit each boys personality and then used some cardstock letters I had to spell out their names, laminated them, and then zip tied them to the bins.
For the labels I just used a little diploma and then wrote out each grade and then placed the printout into the folders.
I placed them in the playroom closet on the shelf so I could access them easily. The years will only get busier so I want to stay as on top of it from the start as I can.
The next project will be a station to hang their backpacks and a spot to post important papers/schedules for school. That is going to take some thought since again it's a small home and I will need to find the perfect wall for it to go onto.

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  1. This is great! Kids need schedule and organization to be successful!


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