Friday, July 5, 2013

Round Rock Express Game

One awesome detail about my job is that they are a huge sponsor for our local Minor League Baseball team here...Round Rock Express, which in turn means regularly getting free tickets and the company renting out the pool area at the baseball park so families can come and have fun, watch the game, have some food, and just plan have some good clean fun.

So a few weeks ago I was able to snag some tickets to a game in which the pool area was being rented. It is hot here and it was an awesome idea to spend some time in the pool while watching the game. The boys had an amazing time. I think they turned into little fish while in the water nearly the whole evening. Matthew surprised us with how calmly he would just float away from the ledge with his swimmies on and just float out towards the center of the pool. He loved when I helped him onto his stomach and would try to swim. He will do wonderfully in swim classes...Joshua on the other hand is terrified of letting go of the side even with swimmies.

So, without much further are some pictures of last nights game.

We definitely look forward to another game before the season ends. It was so much fun, especially since we hadn't been since before Matthew was born so this was his first game.

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