Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Elgin's Western Days Festival

Every year Elgin hosts a Western Days Festival. It is a week long event and we go, because well, it's been fun. There is a parade that goes down the street (which we missed this year).
Joshua petting the Camel

Both boys petting the little kangaroo
We went to the Carnival section and they were both large enough to ride the rides this year, which is a huge plus since Matthew wasn't able to last year and he wanted to join Joshua so badly.
Joshua in a Mustang, because it was orange.
Matthew's is my favorite because he is sitting in the back seat with his arm up.
Then they rode a motorcycle.
Then was the roller coaster. I love how Matthew is smiling and Joshua is holding on for dear life.
As we were leaving they had a balloon snake made.
We had a blast even though it was extremely always is every year...and we keep coming back. 

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