Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cleaning and Organizing

I've spent the last week cleaning out things and organizing each room of the house. Some areas that are out in the open and a total eye sore every time I walk by them so I started here. It's the hallway from the master bedroom into the kitchen.
I took the bookshelf from Joshua's room because it was bowing under the weight of all the books and there was just way to much wasted space because we didn't use a couple of the shelves.
Then I moved what was in the hall to Joshua's room and it works out so much better. He can reach all of his books and they can be spaced out a little bit more. 
My next project will be the wall in our bathroom...seriously of all the walls in the house to have so much space to do anything with and it's in the master bathroom. Well, here is it now...I'll figure something out and show an after picture later.

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