Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's For Dinner?

I've planned out our weekly meals and it usually ends up in a notebook that gets misplaced or left in one bag or another and we don't end up eating what I had planned. I really wanted something on the walls. I wanted something with lots of color. I'm trying to lighten up the house decor and get out of the brown shades that seems to have it surrounded.
The wall started out like this...BLANK
I took eight frames and painted them orange
The back is peg board painted green. To put the frames on I used a large glob of wood hot glue. Once they had dried I put a bead of glue all the way around the frames to make sure that they stay in place.
The frames hold up quite nicely and the glass make it easy to use a dry erase marker to change out the weekly menu. I used different scrapbook pages cut to fit and then cut out the days of the week from black paper and put it onto the scrapbook paper backgrounds. It looks awesome. I plan to paint the walls a nice yellow in the kitchen so the green and orange will really pop off the walls then.

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