Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

I have really limited counter space in my kitchen. Which drives me crazy. I have to share my counter with whatever I happen to be cooking and my recipe page/card/book. I bought a cookie sheet at the dollar store and painted it yellow. It works great as a magnet board. I put it on the wall directly above the stove. I cut out the word EAT and mod podged it onto the corner of the sheet. Probably should have put a coat of clear poly on it, but oh well...I like it. I plan to get a couple of cans painted to put on each side of the sheet to hold spatulas and wooden spoons.
I had to tack on this recipe card for the picture and it will probably always be on there since it is one my Grandma Chaney hand wrote for me when I was in grade school. It means a lot to me.
Here is what it looks like above the stove.

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