Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm In A Pickle

I've been wanting to sell my homemade barbecue sauce to a wide market. I can legally sell it as of September 1, 2011, but there are some of the following things MUST take place at my house...1) the buyer needs to place the order at my house, 2) the buyer needs to pick up the order, or 3) payment must be made at my house. They seem like sucky rules, but they are a start for a battle that many home bakers have fought for, for a very long time and finally got the right to bake/can from home and make a profit from it legally. I'm not sure if I will ever go the bread/jam/cookie route, even though I would love to, because it doesn't seem to be a large market out there for people that want fresh homemade bread...something that will mold in seven days as opposed to something that will mold in three weeks and can be bought at the store. In the meantime...I am always complemented on my BBQ Sauce and we've nearly always given it away, but that got expensive and I thought...why not try selling it. So, I started, but my market has been super limited. As in our neighbors and a couple of friends. I made a batch yesterday and posted a picture onto Facebook tagging our friends name to the picture and the comments exploded. I sold the entire batch in one day just from one picture.

So, if I want to get this really going...
1. Would anyone be willing to follow the rules: order, pick up or pay for at my house?
2. What kind of name should I do?
I had thought Two Brothers Barbecue Sauce, but there is a place in San Antonio called Two Brothers Barbecue. I liked Running Mom's Farm Goods...but if all I sell is sauce that seems like a long name. Maybe Three Men and a Lady's BBQ Sauce? Three Sister's Sauce (to honor my two sisters).
3. Are my prices reasonable: $3 for 8oz, $5 for 16oz, $7 for 32oz?

I love  making my barbecue sauce and I love that so many people like's even been used at the San Antonio Rodeo Barbecue Cookoff by one of the teams that cooks there. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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