Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pizza Logs

Pizza Logs are what I grew up eating when my Mom would make homemade pizza for the family. We were a family of six so this was way cheaper than ordering pizza. A while back I wrote about French Bread Pizza...this is pretty much the same thing just the whole loaf of bread rather than small slices.

Pizza Logs

1 Loaf of French Bread
Pizza Sauce
Shredded Cheese
Toppings of choice

1. Cut french bread in half lengthwise and place on a cookie sheet.
2. Top with a generous portion of pizza sauce.
3. Top with shredded cheese, pepperoni, and your choice of toppings. Then bake until Cheese is melted at 350F.
4. I turned on the Broiler for a couple minutes to make it crispy on top. 
5. Cut up and serve.

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