Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lunch, Gardens, Train, Park

I've been wanting to do a special day with the boys and decided we would have our special day yesterday. The original plan was to meet a friend and her two children for lunch and go to the park, but she's busy, so we went out and did it anyway.
I'd spent Thursday cleaning the house between meal times, play times, reading and nap times so that Friday could be dedicated to the boys.
First, we dealt with the traffic downtown to get to Flip Happy Crepes. We ordered our lunch to go since we would be eating at the park.
The boys waiting for their crepes
Next, we got back into the car and went down the road to Zilker Botanical Gardens. I'd never been and felt the walk would be wonderful for the boys and we would have fun. We will definitely be going back soon. Especially, since there were sections we did miss, but we spent a good two and a half hours roaming around.
Last, we went over to Zilker Zephyr and took a train ride. Joshua loves this train. We also went to play in the park after and ate a yummy watermelon snow cone to cool down.
My little train riders
Joshua didn't want to sit near the we were in the back.
It was a wonderful day, the boys had a blast, and we were all tuckered out by the end of the day. I love days like these where everyone has a smile on their face.

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