Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Have you ever made a decision because it was necessary at the time and then spend time just regretting it constantly? Right now I am having one of those moments. We traded in our Lincoln Navigator (dream car with all the bells and whistles) for a Toyota Rav4 last August. Why? Well, you see the economy took a dive and we were struggling, we were near the middle of our pregnancy with Matthew and living in the RV, we needed a house and so selling the Lincoln got us another, smaller car, and extra money for the down payment on our home and the money to finish the water and electric lines to the new house. So, it was a necessity, not a frivolous thing for us. Now that we have both boys and a double stroller occupying the back of the car it is so small.
Right now this is my dream car. 
This is a 2010 Dodge Caravan SE at Carmax
Will I ever have it? Yes, probably in a couple of years. The boys will be bigger, they'll have more things to take with them, they'll have friends that they want to go places with on Summer vacation...where would I put the extra children? Needless to say I look at this and drool over it and just wish I had spent more time looking at the minivans when we were looking to trade in the Lincoln. Oh well, I can drool and wish for this and wait for a couple of years and when the economy or our finances pick up maybe we can get it.

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