Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Know You Are in the Country When...... have cows in your yard and they are not yours. We had them just walk right into our yard start chomping on the grass and walking all over my vegetable garden. They seemed very calm and almost like someone's pets because they didn't seem afraid of me when I walked out there to shoo them away. Called the county sheriff's office and never heard back...called again in the afternoon when the bull came back and started destroying a call back and the guy said he couldn't come that day but could come the next. Ughhhhh. Well, Raul was already on his way home and got them shooed back to where they live. Then we patched the hole in our fence and closed the gate to keep them out of our property. As long as they can't get in here they are not my problem. Someone else can complain about them. The bull did try to come yesterday and found his way in blocked so he hung out in our neighbors yard eating grass most of the day.
Stray cow and bull across the street 
In our backyard

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