Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finding Ways to Pinch a Penny

With having only one income and trying my hardest to get all of our bills paid off over the next two years I have to find ways to make every little bit stretch as long as possible. I make huge meals and freeze leftovers in smaller portions or make casseroles and freeze them. My oldest, Joshua, loves Juice...maybe it's an unhealthy love of juice, but hey, he's drinking something. So, while I buy the large jugs at the HEB and they only cost $1.97, he will drink through that in a weeks time, even with me diluting it with half water half juice in his sippy cups. So, while re-organizing all our food staples and seeing what I have to cook with (I found a bag of chocolate know more cookies will be coming soon) I ran across the Special K2O packets for a regular sized bottle of water. I used half of one in the morning in the sippy cup for Joshua. Then sitting down having breakfast an idea hit me. We had just used up the last jug of juice so it was sitting on the counter. I do not plan to go to the HEB till later this week so what was I going to do with his demands for juice. I dumped the remaining half a pouch into the jug along with a full one and started filling it up with our filtered water container. I now have a full jug of water in the fridge and two packets left over for more. I could probably use just one packet next time. The bonus to this...NO SUGAR. I mean none, zero, ziltch, nada, NOTHING. That is the best part since I am trying to cut as much sugar as possible out of our diets.
The mix
The bottle half full

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