Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time to Start Running


I should have my new double jogging stroller sometime next week. I am so excited. I will need to order the carseat adapter so that I can at least get some good walking in for the next few months since I technically can't run with Matthew until he is about 5/6mths old. So about 3-4mths left. I am itching to hit the pavement, the test my lung strength, to feel the burn in my leg muscles as I push for that one more minute, that one more step.
The other day Raul asked why I was so anxious to get back into excercising. I mean "you just had a baby"...yep, those were his words. Well, in all honesty. I started running with Joshua and even my OB told me it was the best thing for me to keeps me from getting depressed and being diagnosed with run I will do. I have even started working out at home using some DVD's. Two of which I love...Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred ( is a killer and I thought I was going to die doing the first work out) and then the other one is a local girl here in Austin called...Love Your Legs (you won't be able to sit the next day after this one...the first work out works muscles in your legs you didn't even know you had).
Anyway, I will reach my goal of wearing that slinky, purple dress for our anniversary this year. Nine more months to go to get into shape. That and I have two 5K's to trian for. I am running the Livestrong 5K in October and the Susan G. Komen in November.
The stroller
All folded up

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