Monday, March 7, 2011

Mommy Needs Wine

I have recently started drinking wine a lot more than one glass a month. I bought this glass from MommyJuice Wines, who are having a special sale for anyone deserving, for $25.00 you can send someone you love or buy it for yourself a wine glass (not the one below) and a bottle of their red and white wines in a gift set
A couple weekends ago, my mom was in Sacramento, CA and she came across this wine glass. I got it in the mail today. THANK YOU, MOM. It is so cute. I didn't even realize it said something on the back of the glass.
Front of the glass
Back of the glass
My mom sent me a picture of the wine glass and I showed it to Raul and I had to read it to him. Joshua decided he had to repeat what I said and it just sounded so perfect coming from my little toddlers mouth.

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