Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Live in Texas!!!

At least that is what I thought. It's what is on our return address. The past two days have been ice bitting cold. So cold that the news mentions being sure to wear hats and gloves to avoid hypothermia. It's so cold that our pipes under the ground have frozen, leaving us with no running water in the house. Just wonderful. It's supposed to start warming up tomorrow into the 40's so hopefully the water will unfreeze and we can get some water running. I want to shower, I want to give the boys a bath, and I want to finish cleaning the house.
Many of the cities here in Central Texas have been having rolling blackouts to conserve energy. I'm thinking that the people that decided this would be a good thing are just dumb. Who decides to do rolling blackouts in freezing temperatures? We've been lucky. Our electric provider isn't on the list of providers doing the rolling blackouts. They have been lasting for about an hour, come on for 30-45mins and go out again. I'm not sure how long our house would stay warm if we lost power. Right now the temp is set at 72 degrees and the heater kicks on at least twice in an hour to keep it warm. I normally wouldn't care if the electricity went out, but having a two year old and a newborn...keeping the house warm is a priority. Although I think both Joshua and I are starting to get cabin fever having been cooped up for the past two days. 
The weather man is  predicting snow flurries today and two inches by tomorrow. I think it would be great to bundle Joshua up and let him run around in the snow for a bit. We'll see what happens. At least there wasn't ice on the windows and cars this morning.
Joshua passed out on the floor and uses the vent to keep warm.
 He's watching cartoons in this one and obviously won't keep his slippers on his feet. 
Again he is laying on top of a floor vent.

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