Friday, January 28, 2011

Hands Free While Driving

Every hate when you're driving along and your phone rings and you can't remember where you slipped your phone when you got into the car...your purse pocket, the diaper bag, the backseat while putting the kids into their carseats, the grocery bag on the floor, the trunk, etc. Well, I got sick of it. I couldn't see who was calling right away, let alone being able to use my GPS on the phone without having to constantly take my eyes off the road.
I started searching the internet for iPhone car accessories in hopes of finding something. Well, I did and it only cost $20. I found the best thing here online. I am in love with it. I can put it in easily and take it out easily. It comes with a belt clip which comes in handy for putting it on the side of the purse or diaper bag so it doesn't fall to the bottom and get lost in la-la-land.
I had to buy one for Raul too...that is how much I like this set up.

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