Thursday, February 3, 2011

Re-Thinking Debt

I think I set unrealistic goals to get out of credit debt this year. So starting over on my ticker to watch it get paid down we are back to 0% as of today. Anything that gets paid after today will be deducted on this ticker and we'll be able to watch the percentage of paid off go up.
I've spent a lot of time thinking of what I would love to do around the house and farm and I think most of it will need to wait until next year. I don't want to add more to our debt by coming up with projects. I'd much rather spend the next two years planning things out perfectly so that we aren't re-doing it over and over because it didn't work the first time.
Porches can definitely wait...although I am sure the steps will get done on the back (this isn't unplanned as we can use the steps once the porches are done). But I don't see the shade being doubled this year or more chickens, sheep, goats being added to our farm for a bit. It gets expensive to feed them all when you are on a shoestring budget to get out of the debt that you have wracked up over the years.
I look forward to Raul not having to work so hard and living paycheck to paycheck and just barely skimming by. While this means that traveling will most likely be limited to camping trips in the RV around Texas for the year I am okay with that. I look at it this way. We will spend the rest of this year and three quarters of next year (September 2012) paying off our debt and then we can literally look at trips anywhere we want to go without the fear of debt and "How are we going to pay for that?" hanging over our heads. I think maybe our anniversary next year could actually be spent in Playa del Carmen, climbing Chitchen Itza for our belated honeymoon. The boys will be old enough to be without us for a week. To me, going on vacation, when you are swimming in debt is not a vacation. You can't just eat out all the time, buy that awesome outfit, or that beautiful souvenir just can't afford it.
So, here is to my goal to get us where we need to be to be a much happier family (I'm sure our extended family will appreciate it too, since it will mean trips to see them all instead of them always coming here to see us).

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