Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Recipe Book

I'm a hoarder. I hoard recipes like it's nobody's business. I clip them from magazines, newspapers, websites, etc. Before I had a scanner I kept them all in a photo album. Once I got a scanner I started scanning them into the computer. Well, recently I have had to open up the computer, go to my recipe folder, and hunt for the recipe I was looking for. Especially when it came to our all time favorites. I'm slowly building up this recipe book with our favorites new and old. Some are recipes that my mom grew up on, that she gave to us kids, and now my boys are growing up on them...Banana Bread, Gingersnaps, etc.

So, while running around Pinterest I found a recipe book made from a 5 x 7 binder (which I had on hand along with page protectors).  This recipe book was a wonderful idea, because I had a ton of scrapbook paper on hand to use up. I also knew that this book would only hold our tried and true recipes that were our absolute favorites or recipes handed down.
The cover
 The title page I just put a 1" circle of the scrapbook
paper so that it would be easy to find.
 Then a strip of the paper would be cut and pasted to the edge
of the recipe so you know which section you are looking at
 I will add pictures of the boys helping to make the recipe
or just pictures of the process or after product.

I'm really liking the book and I'm sure it will be around for a long while that the boys will get used to seeing and enjoy looking at for years or even their wives and children when they get older as they want a certain family recipe.

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