Friday, November 14, 2014

Organizing Bug

I am not sure what happened other than maybe I've been bite by the organizing bug. I've been working on each room in the house and right now I am tackling the kitchen. It is a large, space wise, kitchen, but counter space is practically non existent, so I need to make sure things are very organized. That and it just makes life so much easier to deal with. I can grab things easier instead of them all being stacked on top of each other.

At the back of the kitchen is a wall of cupboards and a small bar. Inside the cupboards was a total it's all cleaned up. Goodwill is going to have so much fun because I've had some glasses stashed away for probably our entire marriage and finally just figured to let them go...we've never even used them. I can't wait to do some cooking and baking in my newly organized kitchen. I'd love to have Raul build me a new bookcase for my cookbooks and tupperware stuff. Right now it's in a really flimsy, blah looking cubby type of shelves.

Then the cupboard by the stove holds my pots and mixing bowls. This is my hard part because the bowls get all jumbled so I need to be more attentive to putting them away correctly.
The other side of the stove has another cupboard that holds the pans and baking dishes. This side wasn't too bad, but I like the change.

Above the stove is cake pans, pie pans, and the weight (which I use to measure out meat that we buy in bulk into one pound bunches).

Everything is coming together. I hope to get to paint some time this winter...maybe while it's winter break and we have nothing else going on. I would love to do something awesome in the boys room or their playroom, but those will have to wait until Auntie Sissy can come to visit since she is the artist...not me.

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