Friday, October 19, 2012

Being a Brother...

I ran across billboards, canvases, printables, and other paintings all over Pinterest from a quote by Marc Brown and fell in love. It was easy to love it since I have two little boys that I often think of as being two peas in a pod.
I went to the local Hobby Lobby and bought 2 16x20 canvases for $7.99 for this project. We had bought five more new colors for our painting projects which Joshua picked out.
Here is the blank canvas and paint laid out.
The colors all blended on the canvas
Now there are ideas of free hand painting the hand is no where near that steady and I don't have small brushes (should probably get some) or stickers that you put on and paint another color over...I liked  my colors and didn't want to paint over them...I thought about stencils then I ran across a bottle of white puff felt like the perfect solution. I wrote the words with a pencil onto the painted canvas and then wrote over them with the puff paint. I really like the results. 
I love it and think it will look so nice hanging in their room next year when we get a bunk bed and get Matthew trained to sleep in a bed and out of his rush, so for now it is hanging in Joshua's room.

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