Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Master Bathroom

Pinterest...a place to make people envious of what other people have done in their houses. Then I started watching things and began to realize that we are all going to end up with houses looking the same. I loved the baskets in the bathroom to hold towels, toilet paper, etc., but then I started seeing other friends doing that and I'm usually the last person to start decorating my house the way it is in other peoples houses, especially someone I know. So, I'm pouring over my head and trying to see what I can do with a wall in my master bathroom. This is probably the largest unusable wall in the house. I mean what do you put on the wall in a bathroom. I wish I could find some gorgeous picture or something to enhance the garden tub experience. I am at a loss, but in the meantime I got a hanging basket from Lowe's and hung it on the wall above the toilet in the bathroom. It holds extra toilet paper, kleenex, air freshner, and a little box that holds my feminine products. I actually love it.
The wall in the master bathroom
With the basket up
All filled up
I like it and it cleans up the back of the toilet, which always bothered me having something sitting on the back of the toilet. Now, just to figure out the rest of the wall.

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