Monday, July 23, 2012

Canvas Painting

I saw a blog, Attack of the Twins, where she had the girls paint on canvases after taping on their names on it then finger painting over it. It gave me such a great idea. I've had these little coat hanger stars that I've been carting around for years and then when I saw the canvases I just went..."Oh, man, I have an awesome idea!!!" Now, just picture me jumping up and down and turning in circles and the boys sitting there like Mommy has lost her mind.
In both the rooms is this space that I can hang the canvas and the star. The star will hold thier jackets for now during the cooler months when they need to wear their light jacket. I hate them hanging on the back of the couch near the door.
Joshua loved it and dug right in...Matthew on the other hand wasn't too keen on getting his hands dirty
After painting...I couldn't do their full they have the shortened version
The stars...Joshua's is's his favorite color
Joshua's Painting 
Matthew's Painting

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