Monday, June 18, 2012

Great American Backyard Campout 2012

This past Saturday we actually did our backyard campout because on the 24th we need to be up early to make the two hour drive to Rosenberg, TX for the Special Assembly so staying up late and sleeping outside isn't an option. Let me just say, there is nothing like setting up a tent and camping in the backyard to make a three and a half year old excitedly happy. He helped me set up the tent and even blow up the mattress in it. We'd been talking about it for a couple of weeks so he knew it was going to happen. It will be a nice memory for him. I also love that we were able to do something extremely fun and dirt cheap. We didn't have to spend money on a campsite, we had a fire and marshmallows, and a tent we already had stored in the RV.
Our tent all set up
Joshua loved just playing in the tent in general
We had our pool set up to pretend it was a lake
Joshua helping me to blow up the mattress
S'mores Time
He was one happy camper
The fire going strong
Mommy and Joshua roasting the marshmallows
Daddy enjoying a S'more, too

We will do this again for sure. We won't be waiting for next year either, but we will do it as a tradition for the Great American Backyard Campout every single year. There is nothing better than showing your children that you can have a lot of fun and not have to go out and spend $300-$500 in a weekend to spend time with family and enjoy yourself. 

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