Friday, April 6, 2012

2012 Memorial

Last night was our Annual Memorial. Ours was at 9:00pm. That was hard. I mean I know everyone is saying you would have plenty of time to get ready and make the thirty minute drive to Taylor...well, yes, but with one child in bed at 8 and the other in bed at 9 this is a challenge. We all got dressed and out the door. Less than five minutes on the road and both boys were sound asleep with their little snores coming from the back seat. We made it to the Kingdom Hall only to be told that the Spanish congregation was still working their way out and we needed to park in another parking lot. Everyone was then standing around in the parking lot across the street waiting to get in. I'd never seen this happen. We got our seats and it started on time. Joshua slept through the whole thing and when we left he woke a little and asked why we weren't going into the hall. Silly boy, but at least Raul and I were able to listen. Matthew did great despite wanting to be down running around the entire time.
Here is a picture I managed to get of the boys before leaving the house...
don't they make good looking little brothers.
Here is just Joshua...Matthew wouldn't hold still for me to take a picture...
he wanted to be held so badly.

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