Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Craigslist and a Budget

When you are on a budget and you have to find ways to save some money Craigslist is the way to go. Recently I had to start formula feeding Matthew. Okay, adding $15-$27 a week into the grocery budget was not easy at all. I had not planned to add in feeding my son since I figured I could breast feed him for the 1st year and beyond if needed like I did with Joshua. Well, such is not the case so I had to go and buy formula. Thankfully, we had two free Gerber cans that had been mailed to us when we were pregnant on hand to feed him. I bought one can when those two ran out and started searching Craigslist. There are some good deals, but I didn't want just $2 off the can...I could get that with coupons at the store, I wanted a REAL deal on these. After all, I am on a budget. Needless to say. I found two great deals. And by great...I mean GREAT...as in FREE!!! I got seven 23oz cans of formula from one mom, and then five more cans from another mom...granted two of the small cans will go to one of Raul's co-workers that just had a baby since they are Newborn. So, all together I have enough to feed Matthew for about two months...give or take.

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