Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Finally Friday!!!

It has been a LONG week. Raul has been getting up and leaving the house by 3:30am and doesn't come home until 7:30-8pm making for some very long days for me. Then today when I talked to him he may have to work a few hours tomorrow morning as well. If anything, it means that there will be work for him. Job security. He said that he could work the crews seven days a week, all day long, and still be behind in the jobs. That means the economy is picking up. Houses are being re-vamped or being built from the ground up. Maybe a cost of living raise will come through for us soon. Would be nice since we took a pay cut two years ago and haven't had a raise since even with gas and food prices going up.
There are days that I wish I could find the secret to extreme coupons and go to the grocery store and spend $30 for $100 worth of actual food that we eat. I don't need a massive stockpile in my house, just enough to last a couple of months. You know a couple bottles of laundry detergent on hand, pasta, rice. The necessities. I don't need enough to supply my family for 40 years, but still, just being able to save $70 a week on groceries would be so awesome. Anyone know some local couponers that want to teach me the tricks to the HEB/Walmart coupon trade?


  1. Thanks for following and linking up to my Life with Boys Link-Up at Raising Knights!

    In regards to the tricks of couponing, I can't offer much because there aren't many coupons for the things I buy. I choose to buy natural, whole foods and staple items for cooking from scratch. I figure that by eating healthier, we'll save money in other places, like medical expenses. :) And we switched to basic cable (local only) and Netflix.

  2. I hear you...there aren't many coupons out there for what I buy either. I try to watch for the deals on toilet paper, paper towels, deodorant, etc. I usually buy fruits and veggies mostly, but those non-edible items are where they get me every time.


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