Thursday, June 16, 2011


We are so on our way to having the flock of chickens, is that what they are called? Anyway, so far we have fifteen chicks in the small coop. Next Sunday is the other hens deadline for hatching some babies. I hope to keep being able to hatch more so that we can eventually have enough to eat yet still have some to lay eggs for eating and some to lay eggs for more hatching. Some may think that this is kind of a waste of time, but look at it this way...I can go and buy some chicks at the store for $3 each...times that by 15...and you have $45. So technically, by allowing the hens to hatch the eggs we have saved $45 so far. We can buy large hens that are close to the eating age (6 months) but then you are looking at $8-$10 a hen (roosters cost more).
The four hens sitting on their eggs
A hen with her two chicks
The two chicks up close 
 The small chicken coop...we put the newly hatched babies in here
 Raul built a little box for them since the cardboard one I had kept blowing around in the coop

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