Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chicks are Hatching

So three weeks ago, right after our Special Assembly, we noticed one of our hens would not get up from the eggs for us to collect them and would be downright mean about it. So, we left her. Yesterday, she hatched her first chick...we were all excited. But, he managed to get out of his box and wondered into another box with another hen sitting on eggs and she pecked him to death. Needless to say I was a bit torn up about it having watched it first hand. Raul went out and put another board up higher to keep the chicks in their respective boxes as they hatch so it won't happen again. We went to bed and this morning found three more chicks had hatched. Our dilemma now is that the hens get up to eat and don't return to the same box so Raul built a large cage to collect the chicks in as they hatch since they don't need Mama. We managed to collect two of them, but the third was behind Mama so we will wait to get him until she gets up to eat later.

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