Sunday, May 8, 2011

Special Assembly Day

We are assigned to attend our assemblies in Rosenberg, TX. Cool.....yeah 2.5hrs away is not so cool. We left Friday a little before 7pm....I should have bathed and dressed the boys for bed, but it was still bight out and hot. we went as is...big mistake...Matthew screamed nearly the whole way. Joshua didn't care...he talked to us about everything he saw and fell asleep just before hitting the hotel. Got all checked in and everything up the stairs and everyone into bed. Woke up around 5am to Matthew fussing in the pack-n-play...little bug chose that night to roll over. We always put him to bed on his stomach, well this was no different, but I found him on his back and not liking it at all. Once we all got up and ready we went downstairs for a continental breakfast. Then down the street we went to the Assembly Hall. This Assembly Hall was GORGEOUS. Has a reception room with a receptionist. Two level dining room. Water fountain in the front lobby. There were 1240 in attendance that afternoon and we probably could have fit double that in the auditorium. The mother's area was awesome. There is an area where you can change four babies at the same time and sinks right there to clean up messes and wash your hands. Then into another door there is a nursing room, where you will find ten...yes that is correct...ten glider rocking chairs to sit and nurse/rock your little one to sleep. The lights can be dimmed down and there is the PA system piped in so you can still listen to the talks. I'm sure that the assembly itself was wonderful and I did get a few good notes on a couple of the talks, but most of the time I was up and down with either Matthew for diaper changes and feedings or with Joshua for potty breaks (we went the whole day with a dry pull-up). Here are some pictures.
Joshua showing off his program 
 Raul, Joshua, and Matthew
Joshua and Matthew before leaving the hotel
Joshua on the stage
The family
The nursing moms room

 The auditorium - The opening on the right of the stage is the pool

 Close up of the stage

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