Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Boys and the Austin Rodeo 2011

I heard about Save Your Bucks Day at the rodeo and thought...what a perfect time to take the boys. Free parking, free admission, and only $1 carnival rides. Score!!!
We got up as usual that morning and headed out to the rodeo. It opened up at 10am and the only people there seemed to be moms and their kids that weren't in school. It was fun and relaxing. It wasn't crowded and we got a lot of enjoyment out of the day. This could be a tradition for years to come, even when the boys are in school. I could happily take them out of school early to beat the mass rush of after school families. But for now it was quite fun to go without worrying about all the other people or the bigger kids that don't watch for the little ones like mine. Although, next year we will go later in the day when the Carnival rides open since they didn't open until 3pm...which was too late for us to be there. The boys were both very tired. We had fun while we were there though. I do know that next year I will have Raul take the first Friday of March off and go to the Cowboy Breakfast with us and then meet us for the Save Your Bucks Day since we will go later next year.
Here are the boys when we got to the Rodeo
We went to the Kidstown area where they had a section to Be A Farmer For A Day
We obviously need more people for this picture, but Joshua is so cute.
The petting zoo...not a hit at this one. In fact Joshua cried and wanted to leave. The animals where big, not small babies like most children's petting zoo. I had a deer try to eat my sweater and the sheep were as big as the ones we have at home and strong.
Seeing a Mama cow and her baby.
Looking at the "Baa"...he had to stick his head in between the rails.
A picture on the Pony. He wasn't too sure about the fact that the pony moved.
Matthew with the little pig snout on (how appropriate)
Joshua showing off the snout too.

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