Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy 7th Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary my darling husband.
The past seven years have been the best ever. I know that things have not always been easy and they won't ever be easy, but the good times have definitely out weighed the bad. I am so happy that you are my husband and that you chose me to be your wife, to be your helper, your best friend, and complement. 
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and see you sleeping so soundly next to me and our son and think to can not get any better than this...then you always surprise me and it does get better.
I have loved that you have taken on the role of Daddy so wonderfully for our son Joshua and I know you will be amazing when Matthew makes his debut. I love how even though you have had a stressful, long day at work you still come home with a smile, hug, and kiss for all of us and you take time to play with Joshua rather than just sit down and expect him to entertain himself because you are tired. 
You are my everything and I have been so blessed to have found someone that shares the same idea of how a family should work and how time spent with them should NEVER be taken for granted. 
You are one in a million, Raul.

Your loving wife,


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