Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Settled

We've been living in our new house for a week now. It is strange. As of today we can officially close up the RV and move it to it's permanent home on the land. We just need to pull out the stuff in storage (which contains the other rocker and table chair for the RV) and it will be set for guests and traveling. I've washed the bedding for the bedroom in it and mom was so wonderful in cleaning it all up. I am eternally greatful for her doing that while she was here and could have been playing with her grandson...instead she was helping her pregnant daughter get moved out and somewhat settled into her new home.
So, hoping that the weather stays nice this weekend and Raul can get a couple of co-workers to help get all of the house stuff out of storage we can finally get things more settled. Raul is bringing home some shelving so we can add some shelves in the laundry room to hold items I don't use on a daily basis...you know, the turkey roaster, mason jars, Glad Ovenware, etc...and add one more shelf to my pantry so that I can store more foods in there instead of the kitchen area. I am looking forward to getting Joshua's dresser out too so his clothes can be put away. Since the tool shed hasn't been finished (the house prep has taken priority) I will see if our storage place has a small 5'x10' unit that we can rent instead of the huge one we have right now to hold Raul's tools for a month or two. Should save us some cash on that front as well.
I am falling in love with the home more and more every day as things are falling into place. Things are feeling simplified...my goal of paying off debt is still going strong...I've paid down 11.6% of what we started out with. It feels good knowing that in a year (I hope) we can finally breathe a sigh of relief...maybe send the kiddos to Nana and Papa's and go on a belated honeymoon. Once all the debt is paid off I am vowing to stay that way. If we can't pay cash for it (or use our Visa Debit Card) then we don't need it right then and will continue to save for what we need. The cards I only ever want to see a balance on are Lowe's and Home Depot for the very reason that if there is a balance on them that means there are being projects done on the home or on the land.
I'll get some pictures up of the rooms as they have come together once all has been moved in.

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