Saturday, October 30, 2010


After seven months of living in the RV and not having much of a freezer to speak of and having to go grocery shopping nearly every other day just to eat it was so wonderful to go to Sam's Club today and stock up on a huge stash of meats to cook with. While it may look like we would go through it in just over a month we really do make a lot of casseroles or larger dishes that give us leftovers so we don't cook something new every year. Some of the chickens are going to be...ummmm....put down for some more that can be frozen and used to rotisserie or just plain grill. I want to make my own homemade chicken stock and soups so they will go in that as well.
We are thinking the freezer will be complete with some lamb chops in it too. And think in ten weeks I'll have a stash of frozen breast milk stashed in there as well.

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