Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So it's been a while since I've posted, but things have been kind of slow and crazy at the same time around here.

First, we are still trying to decide on the right house for us. It's a long battle and it drives me crazy at times because I'd like to know that I am going to be in a home soon rather than the 5th wheel so that Joshua has room to run around and will be in his own room soon.

Second, I am a true country girl now and as Raul calls me "A Snake Killer". There was a snack slithering around in the grass while I was mowing the lawn so I ran it over. I don't care if it's a garden snake or a rattle snake...it will die if I see it around.

Third, we have a chicken hatching some eggs. Raul found a stash of eggs and the hen that never leaves except to get some food and water. He came and told me and I'm thinking the nest is under the trailer, but apparently my jogging stroller is the perfect spot for her. It's off the ground and has the canopy on it. I'll be sure to get pictures of the chickees when they hatch. Good thing the seat is removable so it can be washed later.

And last, we have four new baby ducks. They are all black with a little bit of a yellow patch on their chests. Joshua loves them and loves to pick them up and hold them.

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