Friday, March 19, 2010

Movin', Movin', Movin'

All the pictures are down. The figurines and odd breakables scattered through out the house have all been packed up. No couches, no kitchen table and chairs, no coffee table, end table, or couch table. It's all gone. We are still trying to see a few big items so that we don't have to move it and because they aren't going to work in our new home (once it is built). Books are packed away. I have out a select few that I'm sure I will attempt to read over the next year. The battle is...what to bring into the 5th wheel with us or with us all together whether it gets stored in a box or not. I don't want to lug around useless items that are pointless to have (cancelled checks from a decade ago...I'm serious...there is a box in the attic full of cancelled checks from the bank...maybe we'll have a bonfire out on the farm after we cut down a dead tree in the back and roast some marshmallows). I have gone through things wondering why I've kept some of it around for so long. I don't even look at it or touch it in any way.
Another hard part...the toys! What to take, what to pack away for the time being. Some items are so huge they take up space right now...can you imagine them in limited space. They will probably be taken down and stored away. I know I pulled out a box and packed up the massive amount of little toys and stuffed animals and packed them away with Joshua yelling "No Don't!" at every toy I put into the box. It was quite pitiful. He helped to pack up most of his books. I kept out a small stack so we will have something always on hand, but the library is just down the road so we can always check out books.
The house is looking so empty. I don't even know what to do with myself anymore. It's been a tiring week. I'm sure next week will be just as bad, if not worse since it will be the last full week we will be in the house.
I just can't believe how quickly everything has been completed and how far we have come.

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