Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Paper Plate Frog

My older sister bought this book for the boys, One Night in Frogtown, because well she loves frogs and the boys are her bugs. Anyway, this book comes with a CD that reads the story and sings the songs (which sound better than me actually reading them to the boys), but I put the CD on and we got to work on our next project...a paper plate frog. Pictures didn't get taken of them painting it green/red because well...yeah...two boys with paint brushes and only one adult supervising...not the best combo here.
Our book inspiration

Joshua getting ready to start on the red (for inside the mouth)
Joshua showing us his finished frog...we cut out their handprints to make the legs of the frog.

Matthew tried to show me his
Here is what it looks like
The boys had a blast and it's a project that they are able to play with. Time to find some more projects to tie in with their books and since it's warmer outside we can do the painting outside instead of my kitchen table.

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