Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Are You Going To Try For A Girl?"

I seriously HATE that question. Raul and I first agreed that we wanted four children. After five years of marriage we had Joshua, then a couple of years later we had Matthew. Let me tell you, the minute they showed me Matthew I felt a total sense of peace fall over me. I knew we were complete as a family.
I just don't understand people's concept of a family having to have a girl. Do I have to have a little girl to dress in frilly pink dresses and put bows in her hair? Why would I not be content with putting my boys in jeans and t-shirts and keeping their hair cut, high and tight, like a boy's hair should be? I  tell people it is so easy with boys. You can't go wrong with dressing them. Joshua can pretty much pick out what he wants to wear each day and I don't have to think in my head at his choice..."I am not leaving the house with you looking like that!"
Now when someone tells me I have my hands full...I look at them, smile, and say "Yes I heart is too."

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