Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book Review - I'm Really Not Tired


Title: I'm Really Not Tired
Author: Lori Sunshine
Illustrator: Jeffrey Ebbeler

When I saw this book I just knew I had to have it for Joshua's library. We've always had a hard time getting him to go to sleep and everyone said it was because he didn't want to miss anything at all. Well, this book is about a little boy and his stuffed Panda and how they are going to pretend to go to sleep to sneak back out and see what Mom and Dad are really doing at night. He imagines a circus in the kitchen, a school of fish in the bathroom, a rocket and astronauts in the driveway. The best part is when he makes it down to Mom and Dad and sees that it's none of those things. I found the book very fun and captivating. Joshua loved the pictures and enjoyed it as well. This is a book worth buying.

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