Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick Update

We leave on Friday for vacation in Cannon Beach, OR so won't be updating anything till we get back as to what is going on with the transition from RV to house.
First, Raul has almost completed the septic hook-up to the house...he ran out of daylight yesterday so will finish that up today. Electric will take a day and won't be done till we get back along with the water. We are so close. I look forward to being able to start unpacking boxes. The little bit I get daily aren't enough to keep me busy.
Second, this vacation will most likely be our last for a year. We will do small camping trips around Texas, but as for flying to destinations unknown...this is it. We have a goal in mind to get out of any debt we have, not including house, land, car, and RV. The only way to do this is to curb any extra spending and traveling consists of extra spending. You'll notice on our ticker that we have paid off over 7% of our current debt and that feels awesome to see that ticker go up in percentage.

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