Thursday, April 8, 2010

News, News, and More News

First off I'm not neglecting this blog...we have just been without Internet service. I have to sneak into restaurants/laundry mats to access the Internet to give updates on everything.

The move went well, if not a little bit rushed. We ended up bringing items with us that were better off put into the trash, but oh well. We have most items in a storage unit that is just a mile from the house so we can access it when we really need something (like tools to build the garage). Wednesday night (April 1st) Raul went back to Kyle and picked up Socks and Tex from the house in Kyle. On Thursday morning Joshua and I went outside and let Socks out of his carrier and let him play. They had a blast together. Socks let Joshua roll all over him. Then Socks turned up missing for a few days, more than likely off exploring his new home. But sadly on Sunday Raul found him dead and clawed at by the hawks flying around. He was buried Monday night near where our garage will be going. He will be very missed. He was a cool cat and had a long thirteen year life.

We have water now and electricity to the 5th wheel. Next week I will have Internet, phone, and cable so that I can start posting some pictures of what we are doing and how things are slowly progressing.

I can't believe we have been out here for over a week already. Amazing how time can fly by.

Our congregation in Taylor is awesome. We first moved in and the topic of conversation from some of the sisters was what they were planting in their gardens and what they were going to put on them (horse or cow manure). Raul just smiled and I told him not to laugh because I would be joining them next year on what to do with our garden. Everyone was great. I did miss all the young kids at the North San Marcos Hall, but this hall will be good. It takes us thirty minutes to get to the hall, but that is actually a shorter time than some other people have to deal with since everyone is coming from Smithville, Lexington, Taylor, Elgin and possibly even Manor.

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